Jack Black Joins Double Fine’s Broken Age Cast

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Tenacious D member and Hollywood actor Jack Black has rejoined the cast of Double Fine to provide a voice in the upcoming title Broken Age.

Jack Black, who previously played the role of Eddie Riggs in Brütal Legend, will voice the character Harm’ny Lightbeard “The lifter of clouds.” Check out the video embedded above for a look at all the voice talent in the game, including actress Jennifer Hale.

Below is a nice video showing how much fun Schafer and Black had whilst doing Brütal Legend. Hopefully we get more videos showing behind the scenes antics this time round.

Although opinions about Jack Black are usually divided, I think it is great when an big actor voices video game characters. It shows that the medium is getting more and more popular and attracting bigger names, which is good news for everyone. I personally can not wait for Broken Age. It looks and sounds fantastic and I hope we get to see more from the game very soon.

The first part of Broken Age is scheduled to release in early 2014.

Source: Game Informer

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