New Forza 5 Gameplay From PAX Shows Off Race Footage

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With PAX Prime coming to a close, we are beginning to receive archived footage of many of the streams presented at the show. Today we are fortunate enough to get another look at Forza Motorsport 5 gameplay from Twitch.

The footage embedded above starts by showing off the Autovista mode. Here you can explore cars models fully and get a real feel of the car before you race. The main point of the video is to show off the racing. The video shows the game’s cockpit view as well as well the other camera angles for a whole race. The visuals look great, an improvement over previous entries into the series as expected. However the game does seem contain lots of jaggies. The comments from the video seem to explain this as video compression from the Twitch stream, so hopefully this isn’t representative of the final game.

From the footage so far I can tell that physics play a much greater role in Forza 5. The cars seem to hold more weight and slide around more. This means that driving will have to be more precise and careful than ever but it will also make it much more fun to master the car. Forza 5 is almost assured to be great as it’s predecessors have all been fantastic and it will be an excellent launch title for Microsoft.

Please comment below on what you think of the footage and let me know if you will be picking Forza 5 at launch.

Forza Motorsport 5 is a launch Xbox One game, however as we do not know the release date for the console we will have to wait. Hurry up Microsoft!

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