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Latest Beyond: Two Souls TV Spot Revealed

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Today, Sony and Quantic Dream revealed the brand new TV spot trailer from their upcoming Beyond: Two Souls video game.

The brief video above gives an inside look into the exploratory years of the game’s lead character Jodie Holmes. Beyond is expected to follow all the trials and tribulations that Jodie endures throughout 15 years of her life beginning at age 8 and ending at age 23. After the massive success of The Last of Us, this game is expected to be another landmark exclusive that can only be experienced on the PlayStation 3.

During E3 2013, a few of our writers on staff got to play a lengthy demo of Beyond: Two Souls and had some rather mixed reactions on it. While it is clear that the game does have a particular target audience in mind, it will be interesting to see how the majority of PlayStation owners will perceive this game when all is said and done. Many may feel inclined to try it out because they enjoyed Heavy Rain, while others may be passing on it altogether. In any case, we will all find out soon enough whether or not this game is worth all the hype and attention it’s getting.

Beyond: Two Souls launches exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on October 8th. Are any of you planning on picking it up or will you be too busy playing GTA Online and the Battlefield 4 beta? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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