Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase Says No Storyline DLC

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII won’t feature any story based DLC it was revealed today. Producer Yoshinori Kitase proves that the Square Enix dev team responsible for the FFXIII games are definitely listening to fans. Kitase brought up the fact that players who bought FFXIII-2 complained about the expanded story DLC for the fact that it meant the core game itself wasn’t complete. Take a look at the following quote.

“Also, some of the DLCs for XIII-2 were additional episodes. Even though we were quite proud of them and they were an extension of the main story, in a sense some people might argue, okay, it means that the main story was not as complete as it [should have been].

“So we took that reaction on board and with Lightning Returns it’s going to be a very complete game, so you don’t really need any extra storylines or any extras. It’s going to be a fully complete game, that’s what we’re definitely going to do.”


Kitase then went on to emphasize that fans responded very positively to the cosmetic based DLC on offer which included new costumes. So it looks like there will be more cosmetic based DLC in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which sounds great considering I’m not too fond of Lightning’s new attire. As long as they also provide a significant amount of free in game costumes then I can’t see any issue with additional cosmetic DLC.

With FFXIII-2 ending on such a cliffhanger, it will be interesting to see how the story transitions into Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It was revealed last year that the game takes place 13 days before the end of the world.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 this Autumn. Check out my previous article 5 Things I Want From Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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