Mad Max Preview – King of the Wasteland

During Sony’s Pre E3 2013 Conference a few weeks ago, Avalanche Studios showed off the first official debut trailer for their upcoming Mad Max reboot. While the trailer consisted mostly of computer-generated cutscenes with no gameplay footage, fans in attendance grew excited at the opportunity to finally play a brand new Mad Max video game. If for any reason you missed out on the trailer, then you can check it out above.

The next day, I had a chance to sit down with Warner Bros. to take a deeper look under the hood at what all they have planned for this title. Here are a few of my thoughts on Mad Max and why it may be worth picking up when it launches on consoles in 2014.

Mad Max is best described as a third-person open world vehicular and melee combat video game set within a post-apocalyptic universe. The premise revolves around Max having his iconic vehicle, The Interceptor, stolen by a vicious gang of marauders and his attempt to get it back at all costs. His journey takes him across various regions in several different wastelands, each more dangerous and intriguing as the next. Fans who are familiar with the franchise should know upfront that this game won’t in any way be related to the Mad Max movie slated to hit theaters next year.


The first portion of the demo that I got a chance to witness showcased the vehicular combat dynamics of the game. Mad Max is expected to feature over 50 authentic vehicles along with giving the player the ability to craft their own. Avalanche studios reps mentioned their sole focus was to make an unprecedented car physics engine that mimics how real vehicles function in all types of situations. I’m happy to report that so far they have succeeding in this endeavor and the action looks great.

To give the player a deep array of customizable options, there are a total of 7 parts to a car that can be fully upgradable including the engine, chassis, and wheels. As you progress further into the campaign, there will be several barricaded areas highlighted in red that won’t be accessible until your vehicle has been appropriately upgraded. Therefore, looting and scavenging easily becomes the centerpiece of how the player will ultimately get the most out of what the game has to offer.


The second half of the demo briefly focused on the Hand-to-hand combat aesthetics of the game. While traveling through dusty roads and rugged terrains, Max will encounter several enemy bases and be tasked with taking down every adversary that gets in his way. Most of these confrontations will require brutal melee combative techniques, but the player has the option to also use stealth when needed. In video I watched had our hero taking down an unsuspecting sniper then looting his body for goods afterward. This was a very early preview of what the combat system has to offer and so far it looks engaging.

Mad Max is scheduled to launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in 2014. We will have more news and impressions on this game as the year goes on. Are you looking forward to Mad Max? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.