Project Destati: Awakening is a Kingdom Hearts Musical Homage

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Last week, we covered a story about a mysterious Kingdom Hearts teaser site under the name Project Destati. We also figured out Square Enix didn’t create the teaser site, which only heightened our curiosity as to what it could be. Today, we received a press kit with the big reveal: Project Destati: Awakening  is a musical homage to Kingdom Hearts–turns out David Jagneaux and the Turn Based crew totally called it on the latest episode of Turn Based (11:50 mark is where the discussion starts).

Project Destati: Awakening is possible thanks to the collaboration between three musicians: Kristin Naigus, David Russel, Sebastian Wolf. The trio reorchestrated various Kingdom Hearts tracks to celebrate the series’ 11th anniversary, and to pay homage to the series’ composer, Yoko Shinomura. It’s a fully licensed EP with 18 minutes of material. Here’s a full list of the tracks:

  1. Destati
  2. Treasured Memories
  3. Sinister Sunburn
  4. Another Side
  5. End of the World

Project Destati: Awakening is also a legal project, and it will be available on Loudr and iTunes.  You  can buy the full EP for just $3, and there will be more albums  to come from the trio. Here are the links for those interested:

  • Loudr: (FLAC, MP3, or Apple Lossless)
  • iTunes:

I’m personally excited for the project, as Yoko Shinomura’s soundtrack is one of the highlights of the Kingdom Hearts series, and I’m excited to see what the trio can pull off. It’s sure to be as magical as the series.

Are you planning on checking out Project Destati: Awakening? Let us know in the comments!

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