Rayman Legends Comes With 40 Rayman Origins Levels

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Upcoming title Rayman Legends will come with 40 remastered levels from the previous game Rayman Origins, according to the creator of Rayman; Michel Ancel.

Ancel announced this to Shacknews and said that the levels will be part of a bonus chapter called “Back to Origins.” Ancel said that they chose to include this chapter because “Rayman Origins doesn’t exist on Wii U, and because it was already done, we gave them away for free.”

This is a great bonus and it makes sense considering it was delayed for an extremely long time to allow ports to other systems, Rayman Origins was a great game and the ability to play 40 levels remastered to the new engine in Legends makes the upcoming game an even better prospect.

Rayman Legends is coming to the Wii U, 360, PS3 and the Vita on September 3.

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