Remember Me Story Trailer Debuts

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Earlier this afternoon, Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment released the official story trailer for their upcoming sci-fi thriller Remember Me.

The video above highlights the game’s main protagonist, Nilin, and gives a preview of the journey she is about to embark on as she tries to reclaim her identity and square off against several different adversaries from her past. Capcom had previously released a gameplay trailer two weeks ago to showoff Nilin and a preview of what she is capable of.

When Remember Me hits consoles next month, it will be in good company right along with the releases of The Last of Us and Deadpool coming only a few weeks afterward. As an added bonus, E3 2013 will descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center and gamers everywhere will be pumped to see what new games get announced. The summer is notoriously known as the slow season in this industry, and I for one am glad that this won’t be the case in 2013.

Remember Me releases on June 4th in North America and on June 7th in Europe for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Where you impressed by this story trailer or did it leave you wanting more? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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