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Yeah I know, I know! I’ve already written a Retro Recap on a Pokemon game. Let’s be fair though, anybody who is a fan of the franchise (so basically everybody) knew that the entertainment factor with Pokemon games didn’t just stay with the mainstream titles. I don’t think I know a game where there are so many spin off titles that are just as popular, yet Nintendo seem to have as many of this brand of games as Apple have patents (that’s a lot by the way). And you always thought that Mario was Nintendos mascot? Yeah, right.


On to the actual game! Snap was probably the most popular spin off. Who’d have though taking photos of monsters was an addictive past time? Well it was, and to top it all off, it didn’t even contain all of the original 151! What a jip! Still, it definitely provided an odd thrill, especially from a casual title such as this one. Given that there are only 10 levels, with each one only lasting no more than 2 minutes at a time, it is easy to see that a good hour can be spent simply completing Snap, and that includes spotting all of the Pokemon too. On the other hand, the unusual desire to go back and top your score, or photographs, of the creatures you find. Not only that, but the various special photographs you can take always seem to pique your interest and want you coming back for more.


Some delightful little factoids for you:

  • Legendary Pokemon can’t breed, yet Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres all emerge from eggs.
  • The main character is based upon the Pokemon photographer in the anime series. His name was Snap (later called Todd, his full name is actually Todd Snap)
  • Magikarp can be found on every course bar Rainbow Cloud
  • There are 6 special Pikachu poses to take. Pop quiz! Can you name them all?

Getting that elusive Mew photograph was a reward in itself, but could you get all of the special Pikachu poses? Given that he is the mascot for the franchise, it makes sense that the mouse got all of the cool shots. Even though Mew was worth the most points and despite that really cool picture of the Charmeleon evolving into the Charizard, special Pikachu pictures were often some of your best, and hard fought for work. Coaxing a Pikachu onto a surf board may seem easy, but later on getting a good snap of Pikachu’s quick attack seemed almost impossible. Well to those inexperienced photographers out there. Instagram pictures? Nah, real people took photos of Jigglypuff. You know it makes sense.

What was your experience of playing Pokemon Snap? Definitely a positive one, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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