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Retro Recap: Replay Expo Special

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A little break away from the norm with a Retro Recap Special. Instead of reporting on one game, it’s going to be on the plethora of vintage video games I got my hands on at Replay Expo last weekend. In the immortal words of Heath Ledger’s Joker, “Here we go!”

Donkey Kong (AKA Jumpman) – Arcade Version

Harder than it looks…

I suck at Donkey Kong. In my years of gaming, I’ve never really attuned to the lure of Donkey Kong, yet when I came around to play such a title (with a joystick and a singular button) I was truly amazed. How damn difficult is this game? I like to think I’m a pretty good gamer, yet when it came to this one; it took time for me to progress past the first stage. Is that really a question over the difficulty of current generation titles or because it’s a simple concept, the difficulty level is unfathomable. Either way, Donkey Kong was a fun blast from the past!

Super Mario Bros – NES

Mario Bros Collection
Still one of the all time great games…

Yeah, I know I’ve already done a Retro Recap on this one, but I really enjoy playing this game. Just before we left, I was very much insistent on playing this once, ready to show off my prowess to all of my adoring fans (there were none, unfortunately). Jumping Goombas, and avoiding those darn flying turtles, I scurried my through all of the secret warp tunnels that have become second nature to me. However, the final world is where my adventure ended, so I didn’t actually manage to complete it, but I still have fun playing this title, even during an Expo. Definitely worth my time!

Pong – Laser-on-the-wall Edition

Pixel Lag
Pixel Lag at it’s finest…

A classic title which truly should be the test of a real gamer. A game that practically started the gaming genre, Pong was one that I still enjoyed playing. This particular instance of Pong had a slight twist, however, as it was all generated through lasers! Upon the large wall at the back, me and fellow Koalition writer, Tom Chamberlain, began our perilous confrontation. Unfortunately, pixel lag was my main foe and caused an unfair loss on my behalf. Still lots of fun was had, so regardless whether you have the super – cool laser pong projected onto a huge surface, or the classic title via the internet, Pong is definitely a good way to settle a dispute amongst two friends!

Duck Hunt – NES

Even when he’s praising you, he’s annoying…

I both love and loathe this game, and undoubtedly for the same reason as everyone else. That darn laughing dog. I had a go, stood really far back, thinking that after years of playing Call of Duty, my aim would be true. It wasn’t. I stood closer and missed again. Stood even closer, missed a third time then got incredibly annoyed at the dog and walked away in a huff. Still the most frustrating game I have ever played. Did you know that the second player can control the ducks? Cool eh?

Puckman (More commonly known as Pacman) – Arcade Machine

Waka waka waka…

What more fun could be had than the eponymous Pacman / Puckman? Older, but not necessarily wiser, me and my compadré attempt to outsmart Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde and binge on those delicious and oh-so-tasty dots. Suffice to say, the ghosts are indeed still smarter than me and it was only a matter of time before I met my inevitable fate. Retro arcade games are hard!

Metal Slug – Arcade Machine

Metal Slug
So much mayhem, so little time…

Nothing says classic arcade style action games like Metal Slug. What could be more fun than run and gun style game? Nothing, that’s what (apart from Pacman, obviously). The fun generally lies in how consistent you are with mashing the shoot button. Until you free one of the Prisoners of War and attain a super awesome gun upgrade, you shoot about as quickly as you can press the button. While that may seem simple at first, repetitive mashing can become a bit of a head (finger?) ache. The levels are short, but hectic as you traverse a number of worlds, sometimes with the aid of super vehicles. Albeit short, the mayhem that tends to ensue leaves you wanting more from Metal Slug, and isn’t that he sort of game we all were looking for?

Did you go to Replay Expo? If not, why not? You missed a great deal of masterpieces from over the past number of decades. If you fancy a huge blast from the proverbial past, attend your next Play Expo, which I’m fairly certain is in Blackpool, England on 3rd / 4th May 2014! Enjoy!

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