Retro Recap: Super Smash Bros

The Brawl of a Lifetime

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A game like no other. One minute you get on with your friends, the next minute you’re throwing them out of your house. It wouldn’t be a definitive segment if it didn’t contain one party style game from our Italian plumber friends now would it? It’s Super Smash Bros of course!

Super Smash Bros 1

Shame on you if you thought that Mario Party is the definitive party game. I can’t put into words the mind numbingly repetitive nature of that game, instead let’s talk about the repetitive nature of that one guy (ahem, me) who likes to spam Pikachu’s Thunder attack.


Clearly the best character that ever graced Smash Bros, only made better by the inclusion of goggles, hats and later bandanas, but if you ever get the urge to play as a different character (we all have those days), Smash Bros still holds up rather well. Granted, the most fun you get out of this game, heck, all SSB games, is with, your friends. The somewhat limited character pool is definitely mitigated by constant speed and difference each battle takes and competitive battling aside, all of the characters are balanced pretty well.

As far as the Arcade mode went, it was pretty standard. You proceed through the different levels with your favourite character, reach and attempt to complete the bonus levels, and then try to defeat the final boss. It was a hand, nothing more. Just a hand that pokes and flies and slaps you silly. Why a hand? Supposedly, the incredibly thick plot dictates that the hand had given these heroes a life through the magical power of imagination and wishes for them to do combat. Upon defeating the Master Hand, the characters turn back into their doll state as the Hand no longer has any imagination to wish the characters alive. Weird, right? At least the end credits were entertaining enough to have its own minigame…

Super Smash Bros 2

Delightful little facts about SSB for you:

  • The character select screen is ordered by when they first appeared in their respective titles (excluding the unlockable characters)
  • Captain Falcon is the only character that does not use his head as a stock life icon, instead he uses the falcon logo
  • Mewtwo was planned to be a playable character in this title, alongside Bowser and King Dedede
  • The Final Smashes that we see in Brawl were planned to be implemented in this title, but was cut due to hardware limitations

Given that the only Nintendo fanboy-ism I tend to behold is my love of Pokémon, I naturally never owned this game (nor an N64 for that matter). But don’t be fooled, many an hour has been ploughed into this franchise, through the hijacking of either my brothers console, or simply going around my mates house to play. This game bought many a good times and definitely my fair share of annoyance of the incredibly OP AI and my friends. With age, this franchise has only improved, with more characters and numerous styles of play. This is definitely one to play if you’re up for a good, yet somewhat casual party game with your friends or family.

Super Smash Bros 3

Try out the Super Smash Flash game here!

What did you think of Super Smash Bros? Who was your favourite character? Naturally you played it of course, so you can tell us in the comments section below!

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