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Rich Gang Album Review – “All That Glitters Ain’t Gold”

With the change-up in members for YMCMB (aka Rich Gang) it was only right that the label gave listeners a taste of the new roster. Although new and (arguably) improved, their latest full length albumRich Gang” is nothing more than the same sound we have heard from the clique and definitely does not leave you anxious to hear more.

Birdman’s place in the rap game continues to be a mystery. Considering that at a time, Young Money was one of the biggest labels in the rap game and didn’t drop a track that didn’t reach top ten on the charts, there is no question that he knows how to spot talent and operate a business well. Its just when he decides to get behind the mic that makes it hard to take him seriously.

With each member getting their time to shine, the lack of quality production and innovation are the downfall of this album. The track “Panties to the Side” is this album’s equivalent of “Nympho” and  finds label-mates Tyga and Bow Wow flossin’ in detail about the women they’ve smashed (and failing to convince the listeners to care). Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine drop some quick verses to show that they are still on the label and still fighting for relevancy.

Although there are weak moments, the saving tracks from the album come from many of the features and seasoned vets in the rap game. “Everyday” has Busta Rhymes and Cory Gunz competing for the fastest rhymes as they spit in double-time. One of the strongest performances on the album, “R.G.” finds the newly signed and newly released southern emcee Mystikal dropping some aggressive, dope verses. As usual Kendrick Lamar dominates his feature “100 Favors“, drowning out Birdman’s lacklustre puns in his verse and his delivery.

Thanks to production from Detail and Boi-1da, “Rich Gang” has its saving moments. Considering that Birdman is featured on a majority of the album, listeners can only assume that this was suppose to be his solo album. Thankfully, “Rich Gang” got loaded with features from R.Kelly, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Jae Millz, etc (but not Drake). The featured tracks help get through the burden of listening to Birdman’s rhymes and unmotivated performance. Not much of a change from the 2009 release “We Are Young Money“, this latest effort fails to emphasize the qualities of YMCMB’s latest signees.

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