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SOMA Debut Trailer Released, Next Game From Amnesia Developers

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Frictional Games, developer of the Amnesia games, have today released a new trailer for their next game SOMA, which is due to release on the PC and PS4 in 2015.

Check out the debut trailer embedded above. It shows four minutes of actual gameplay from the game which is a hell of a lot more than you get from most debut trailers! The setting for the game seems to be a lot more sci-fi than previous entries, which is a nice change from their Amnesia setting. The most disappointing thing about the trailer is the release date that accompanies it. 2015 is a long time to wait, but hopefully this means that they are giving it the length and polish a game from Frictional deserves. I’m already impressed by how it looks and it is still two years out!

Thomas Grip from Frictional Games has written a great blog post in an attempt to decribe his game, I recommend you check it out here, for now though here is his attempt at explaining what SOMA is:

“SOMA is a sci-fi horror game played from a first person perspective. You are not a space marine though; you’re a normal, very exposed person trapped in a nightmarish world. SOMA is a game about exploration, survival and immersing you inside an interactive narrative.” 

I am still yet to play A Machine for Pigs. Maybe this news is a sign that it’s about time I started it. Our fellow writer David Jagneaux reviewed it last month here, and it sounds like it is definitely worth a play.

Shout at me in the comments if you are looking forward to this game. Do you think you are ready to play another Frictional game? Do you already have a spare set of underwear prepared?

SOMA is coming to the PS4 and PC in 2015.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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