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GTA Online Players Getting $500k In-Game Cash This Month

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Today, Rockstar Games announced that they will be supplying GTA Online players with $500,000 of in-game cash throughout the month of October. They are referring to this unique offering as a Stimulus package of sorts and something that US government officials can make use of with all their new free time.

GTA Online

The studio stated that this gesture is meant solely to thank the fans for remaining patient with them after last week’s rocky start to GTA Online. In addition to the various cloud server delays and disconnections, many complained about losing money and character saves due to all the network stability issues. Rockstar released several patches to address these concerns and are now hoping that this stimulus will smooth things over with fans. Below are early details on how this process will work.

Rockstar will be splitting up the payments starting with the first deposit of $250,000 being made to many players as early as next week. To be eligible to receive these funds, everyone must download patch title update 1.04 when it hits consoles next week. While there is no official date or time as of yet, we can all assume it will most likely be sooner rather than later. Again, you must play or have played GTA Online during anytime in October to be eligible.

After experiencing several issues of my own, I have finally started to enjoy GTA online. While I do applaud Rockstar for offering this incentive to the fans, I’m curious to see if everyone will be willing to forgive them and start playing the mode again.

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