Sony Announces New PS Vita Model, Lighter and Thinner

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Sony has today announced a new, updated version of the PS Vita. The PS Vita 2000 comes with an LCD screen and is lighter and thinner than the previous iteration.

The new model comes in six colors and is 20% thinner and 15% lighter. Apparently the battery will also last for up to an hour longer. Additionally, the new Vita will come with 1GB of memory built in and now charges off a micro USB port.

No US or EU date or pricing has been announced (if it even sees a release there) but the Japanese release date is October 10th and will cost 18980 yen. A lot of people have been very wary about the new LCD screen in this Vita as many seem unhappy with the change from OLED. Hopefully the different screen will not be too much of a downgrade from the original. PS Vita memory cards will also be getting a Japanese price drop tomorrow in Japan along with the release of a new 64GB memory card.

I must say that so far this update seems to be unwarranted. While it is nice to have a lighter and thinner model, I’m not sure it was necessary at all. Maybe I am just bitter that I just bought a Vita last week!

Check out the embedded video above to see the announcement and all of the details about the new PS Vita and let me know in the comments what you think of the new model.

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