PS Vita TV Revealed: Vita Games On TV, PS4 Remote Play

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As well as announcing a new Vita model, Sony also revealed PS Vita TV, a small console which allows you to play Vita and PSP titles on your TV with a DualShock controller.

As well as allowing you to play Vita titles on your TV, PS Vita TV also supports PS4 remote play. This means that you can play your PS4 games remotely through the PS Vita TV box, much like you will be able to play PS4 games on your Vita itself. The box is very small and only measures 6cm by 10cm and will also allow users to access media apps on their TV (much like Apple TV) such as Hulu and Music Unlimited.

So far only a Japanese date and price has been announced (November 14 2013 at 9954 yen), but the pricing seems excellent so far with that converting to around $100. Sony have done amazingly well to set up a whole system enabling you to play all your games almost anywhere, it is amazing that they are doing this and PS Vita TV seems like a great deal. Hopefully everything works as advertised because I can see this being a great companion piece to the PS4 and Vita.

Check out the official spec list below for a more detailed look at the system and watch the TV trailer for PS Vita TV above.

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