Square Is Not Involved with Project Destati

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Yesterday, a mysterious Kingdom Hearts teaser site called Project Destati appeared online. Shortly afterwards, the Internet began to speculate about what Square Enix could be teasing. Could it be a new Kingdom Hearts for the 3DS, PSP or Vita? Maybe it’s a new Kingdom Hearts for the iPhone? The only thing that we can now certainly say is that Square Enix didn’t even create the teaser website for Project Destati.

A representative from Square Enix told Game Informer that the company is not involved with Project Destati’s website. Interestingly enough, the counter is still up; however, we still don’t know if Square Enix will take legal action.

It’s a bummer that Project Destati isn’t officially a Square Enix project, but we’ll keep you updated on what the company will do. If anything, I’m still curious to see what Project Destati is planning.

Source: Game Informer

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