Versus Episode 5: PS4 or Xbox One – Which Console Has The Better Launch Line-up?

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We’re back with our pioneering debate show Versus, and this time our debate is focused on an ongoing debate across the internet. PS4 or Xbox One, which console has the better launch line-up? On this show Senior Editor David Jagneaux will argue in favor of the PS4 launch line-up, while Co-op host Edward Velazquez argues for the Xbox One launch line-up. As the moderator for this debate I have to say that both debaters made some valid points.

This debate was structured with the first two rounds being three minutes a piece, and the final round being an unlimited (and guided) discussion. The first round was focused on both parties defending their chosen launch line-up, and stating why they feel it’s the better option. The second round was focused on attacking and stating what’s wrong with the other console’s line-up. The final round was a free-for-all, opening the possibility for rebuttals and final thoughts.

If you listen on past the ending music you’ll be treated to a highly entertaining aftershow with both debaters, Anthony Frasier, Jakejames Lugo, Richard Bailey and of course myself. During the after show we all air out our feelings regarding this very pressing issue. The launch line-ups may seem like a petty thing to argue about for some, but in the life of a gaming enthusiast this is a very serious issue to all of us.

Of course we always love to hear what the listeners have to say, so be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you want to be on a future episode of Versus then hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or via our contact us page.

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