Swiff Plays SNES Episode 1: Super Mario World

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The whole Super Nintendo vs Genesis debate is one that has been ongoing for years here at The Koalition. And for the past year or so I have undergone constant trolling from my colleagues at my lack of experience with Nintendo games, due to the fact I’ve never owned hardly any of the systems.

About a year ago, me and Edward V got into a heated debate on the issue, and ever since then we’ve agreed that one day I should go back and play some of the games that have been considered classic from the SNES era.

Finally we’ve made it happen through this brand new video series titled Swiff Plays SNES. Every episode I will play through a SNES title of somebody else’s choosing, for the sole purpose of instilling the missing pieces of Super Nintendo magic into my soul. So enjoy watching me play through classic SNES games complete with commentary from my Koalition colleagues.

For the first episode we felt it was only right to start off with Super Mario World. However because of my ignorance with Mario games I was terrible at it as you’ll see. You can probably tell that I grew up on nothing but Sonic the Hedgehog, as I pretty much play Mario as if it’s a Sonic game. I end up dying a lot int his play through, but I eventually manage to beat the first castle before we end the session. Look out for a new episode of Swiff Plays SNES hopefully every weekend.

Enjoy my fails, and leave your comments below. If you liked the intro and outro music then be sure to check out our Ep Doritos & MTN Dew for the full song.

What should I play next?

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