The Side Quest: The Witcher 2 – Nekker Contract

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Hello reader, Welcome to this new video series I am introducing called The Side Quest. In this video series I will capture footage of me playing some of my favouite side quests and contracts from a number of different games. Many of them will likely be role-playing games, but don’t be surprised to see games like Hitman, Deus Ex or even Mass Effect pop up from time to time. For the first episode I wanted to focus on The Witcher 2, and I chose to complete the Nekker Contract.

The Nekker Contract is one of the many monsters that protagonist Geralt is hired to get rid of in the Flotsam area. They are loud and ugly looking, and they resemble Golem Gollum from The Lord of the Rings movies. They often hunt in packs and can easily overwhelm you if you let them.

The Witcher 2 Nekker Contract

To complete this contract Geralt has to acquire or craft four grapeshot bombs, he must then seek out the four Nekker tunnels they use to get around the Flotsam forest and destroy them. These tunnels aren’t marked on the map, so finding them all can be difficult. On the way to destroy the tunnels I was not only attacked by packs of Nekker’s, but the arachnid species known as Endrega’s also tried to stop me in my tracks.

If you haven’t played The Witcher 2 before then this video is also my way of selling you on the game. During the video you will see me using the alchemy system, drinking potions, and applying damage buffers to my weapons. Not only that but you’ll see how refined the combat system is compared to the first Witcher game, which was sometimes frowned upon for it’s simple button mashing combat. In this video I am playing the PC version, but the game is also available on the Xbox 360.

If you have any requests for games you would like to see my highlight in the future then be sure to leave your comments. Feedback is also welcome.

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