FEAR Online Announced, F2P Multiplayer Shooter

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FEAR Online, a Free-to-Play multiplayer shooter has been announced today, it is being developed by Korean developer Inplay Interactive, check out the first trailer embedded above.

In a statement along with the trailer, FEAR Online was described as ‘tense’ and ‘heart-pounding’.

“We are thrilled to present the next entry in one of the most popular horror franchises of the last decade, FEAR Online will bring back the tense, heart-pounding action that the series is known for and make it accessible to a huge online community of competitive players.”

The game will have several team based modes spanning over 10 maps, the possession abilities from FEAR 3 will be at you disposal and there will be some cooperative missions which take place at the same time as FEAR 2.

Unfortunately this is all the information we have at the moment, hopefully we hear more about it sometime in the future. A F2P multiplayer game seems like a strange direction for the FEAR franchise to go considering that multiplayer was never one of the selling points but hopefully they can pull it off and make it a success.

FEAR Online will be coming to the PC, however no release date has been specified yet.

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