There’s No Room For Cheaters On The Xbox One

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Microsoft is attempting to crack down on the amount of “cheaters and jerks” on the Xbox One with a big update to their reputation algorithm on the new system.

Micheal Dunn, Program Manager on Xbox Live posted a large update over at Xbox, explaining how the system will work. Below are some of the main points for you:

“We are simplifying the mechanism for Xbox One – moving from a survey option to more direct feedback, including things like “block” or “mute player” actions into the feedback model. The new model will take all of the feedback from a player’s online flow, put it in the system with a crazy algorithm we created and validated with an MSR PhD to make sure things are fair for everyone.

Ultimately, your reputation score will determine which category you are assigned – “Green = Good Player,” “Yellow = Needs Improvement” or “Red = Avoid Me.” Looking at someone’s gamer card you’ll be able to quickly see their reputation. And, your reputation score is ultimately up to you. The more hours you play online without being a jerk, the better your reputation will be; similar to the more hours you drive without an accident, the better your driving record and insurance rates will be.

Most players will have good reputations and be seen as a “Good Player.” The algorithm is looking to identify players that are repeatedly disruptive on Xbox Live. We’ll identify those players with a lower reputation score and in the worse cases they will earn the “Avoid Me” reputation. Before a player ends up with the “Avoid Me” reputation level we will have sent many different alerts to the “Needs Improvement” player reminding them how their social gaming conduct is affecting lots of other gamers.”

This is great news, Xbox is notorious for having abusive and offensive online users, so an easier way to punish and avoid them will be fantastic. However if you are worried that a few bad reports will get you suspended, you needn’t worry:

The algorithm is sophisticated and won’t penalize you for a few bad reports. Even good players might receive a few player feedback reports each month and that is OK.                                                      

Hopefully the updated system works and we come across less people insulting our mothers, I also hope all games with with a quick mute option for online lobbies, that would make life a lot easier.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this update and whether you think Xbox life will become a happier place now, as opposed to the current breeding ground for cockroaches.

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