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14 Games That Will Be Revealed In 2014

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Approximately one year ago today, I published a speculative list on 13 games that would be revealed in 2013. While many people questioned the logic and reasoning behind my picks, the fact of the matter is that several of my choices ended up being revealed anyway in some form or fashion.

Fast-forward to 2014 and we are now at the beginning of a year that is filled with mystery and intrigue around which games will ultimately be revealed. In an effort to elaborate on this topic further, I decided to put together a new list on 14 games that I personally think will be revealed at some point and time in 2014.

Metroid Wii U

14) Metroid Sequel or Reboot

Ever since the Wii U first debuted on the market way back in November of 2012, Nintendo have endured the hardships of being denied by third-party developers while also creating their own games to support the console and keep their core fans happy. Of course, creating high quality games takes time and thus the waiting in between new releases has been brutal for both the company and early adopters everywhere.

Upon looking at the games that are either currently out or are in development for the Wii U, the one franchise that seems to be missing most now is Metroid. I firmly believe all that will change this year when we get an early reveal of the next Metroid game during an E3 2014 themed Nintendo Direct later this year.


13) Beyond Good & Evil 2

When the original Beyond Good & Evil launched back in 2003, some deemed the action-adventure title a commercial failure while others called it a critically acclaimed sleeper hit. Eventually, a fully remastered HD version of the game was released several years later to draw in a new audience that may have missed out on playing the original game earlier on.

Ubisoft Montpellier has confirmed that a sequel has been in the works for quite awhile now and will be coming to both the Xbox One and PS4 when the time is right. I’m going to predict now that this will be the year where we will finally get to see gameplay footage from Jade’s next adventure.


12) Far Cry 4

Over the course of the last couple of years, Ubisoft has remained consistent in their ability to create new IPs while also expanding the current life cycle of some of their most beloved franchises. With Watch Dogs and The Division set to invade our lives sometime later this year, one would guess that a new Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry can’t be too far away now.

While Ubisoft haven’t outright confirmed Far Cry 4 yet, they did state that they already have plans for the sequel and will explore the possibilities of making it an open world game. I believe we can all expect to hear more about this vision as the year goes on.


11) The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)

Last year, the Nintendo 3DS had a monster year of game releases thanks heavily in part to titles like Pokemon X & Y and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

The last time we saw footage of a new Zelda game running on the Wii U was during Nintendo’s E3 2011 Media Briefing. Given the console current dismal state, I fully expect Nintendo to go all out with a huge reveal of the definitive Zelda Wii U experience later this year.


10) Tomb Raider 2

This Crystal Dynamics developed reboot surprised many people when it hit retailers early last year. While the game took many inspirational cues for the Uncharted series, Tomb Raider succeeded in showing us all a new side of Lara Croft along with a dramatically paced origin story.

Both Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that a sequel is already well into development. At the very least, I predict that we will see a teaser trailer before the year is over.


9) Mafia 3

Take-Two Interactive had a stellar 2013 thanks heavily in part to the Rockstar North developed GTA V shipping over 29 million units worldwide. Due to their ongoing contractual agreements with 2K Games and Rockstar Games, the distributor has access to several unannounced titles that can be released at any given time.

There have been rumors that Mafia 3 has been in development for next-gen consoles for awhile now. I fully believe the truth will come to light on this and more as the year moves along.


8) Batman: Arkham Next-Gen

Last year, newly formed studio WB Games Montreal released their highly publicized Batman: Arkham Origins video game. While Origins didn’t quite have the same quality as the previous games in the series, it still was intriguing enough to hold fans over until Rocksteady’s next game in the franchise.

While Warner Bros. hasn’t formally announced it yet, everyone knows that a new Batman game is on the way. I suspect that we will start hearing more news about the caped crusader’s next adventure any day now.

Resident Evil 2

7) Resident Evil 7

Capcom’s popular survival horror series is in serious need of revival to keep things fresh and engaging. While I enjoyed Resident Evil 6 for what it tried to do, there is absolutely no denying that the game failed to impress on so many levels.

Rumors started swirling about Resident Evil 7’s existence shortly after Shinji Mikami revealed his upcoming survival horror title The Evil Within. I believe we will finally start to learn more about this game in the coming months.


6) Hitman 6

Agent 47 looked sharper than ever in 2012’s Hitman Absolution. Shortly after the game was released, news started to surface that a next-gen Hitman game was already in development.

While there isn’t a solid confirmation yet that Hitman 6 is coming this year, I do believe that there will be plenty of news and gameplay footage that sneaks out before all is said and done.


5) Ni No Kuni 2

Ni No Kuni was easily one of the best RPGs to hit the PlayStation 3 early last year. The talented teams over at Studio Ghibli and Level-5 crafted a masterpiece and signified that plenty more can come from the series if fans want it.

While Sony hasn’t announced this game yet, the general consensus around most fans is that it most certainly is coming in due time. I believe Sony will get the ball rolling on this concept and save the news for a world premiere reveal during E3 2014.


4) Fallout 4

The next installment in Bethesda Game Studios’ popular action RPG has been in development for quite awhile now. While the studio will never openly admit it, I believe that will all change this year.

Last year we wrote an article on 3 Things We Want From Fallout 4. Luckily we won’t have to wait too much longer to see if our voices were heard or not.


3) Crackdown 3

Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer has expressed his love of the Crackdown series on many separate occasions. He most recently mentioned this during interview sessions taken shortly after the Xbox One was released.

While Microsoft still has a handful of next-gen titles to announce, Crackdown 3 makes the most logical sense right about now. The Xbox One already has 6 games slated to come out in 2014. If Quantum Break gets delayed until 2015, then it would be another great title that fans can look forward to in a year with Crackdown 3 and Black Tusk Studio’s mysterious new IP.


2) Red Dead Redemption 2

If you ask any diehard fan of Rockstar Games, they would probably agree that the studio easily dominated all of last gen with great releases each passing year. With titles like Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, and Max Payne 3, it’s hard to ignore the fact that they successfully proved that they have range beyond GTA.

How could they possibly top a game as impressive as GTA V? Simply put, by officially revealing that they are indeed working on Red Dead Redemption 2. After gaining all this momentum they currently have now, you can expect that this announcement will be made sooner rather than later.


1) Mass Effect 4

Highly regarded as one of the best new IPs from the last generation of consoles, Mass Effect is a series that not only defined Bioware as a company but it also pushed the limits of storytelling and choices in video games. Despite an ending that many fans had mixed emotions on, Mass Effect 3 still provided an enjoyable bookend to the first trilogy in the franchise.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you probably noticed that EA has been voted the worst company by angry consumers on numerous occasions. After DICE’s ongoing Battlefield 4 debacle, I’m fully expecting EA to step up as a publisher and deliver on both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect 4. Hopefully this can be the year that starts things off on a high note and don’t stop until everyone is satisfied.

Which Games do you want to see revealed in 2014?

This concludes my list on 14 games that will be revealed in 2014. Do you agree or disagree with any of the games that I have mentioned? Which games do you want to see revealed in 2014? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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