5 Songs We Want In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

A list of our most desired songs for the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy series

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a 3DS and iOS Final Fantasy game that is widely popular to dedicated fans of the Final Fantasy series. It’s a rhythm based game that uses popular music scores from each of the main games and adds Guitar Hero like gameplay to them. There are four music modes, which include; Field music, Battle music, Event Music and Special. The first Theatrhythm Final Fantasy game was awesome, and it featured around 70-80 playable songs. However, I found many of my personal favorites from the series were left out, even with the DLC offerings.

The follow up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call was recently released in Japan, and will make its way to the Western world later this year. However, looking at all the additional songs I still find a few of my favorites missing. So here’s a list of five songs I would like to see in the series in the future.

Anxious Heart (Final Fantasy VII)

As I played through Final Fantasy VII last year, this was one of the chilling songs that really put the story of FFVII into perspective for me. The song is synonymous with Nibelheim, and plays through many of the crucial scenes here. It’s a song that reminds us of Cloud and his relationship with Sephiroth, and thus I feel it would make a great playable event song in the Theatrhythm games. There’s so many crucial moments that could be playing in the background as you rack up momentum in addictive gameplay.

Boss Theme (Final Fantasy X)

This game has so many awesome boss themes that I can understand why this one was overlooked, but it’s certainly my favorite one as it captures the desperation you feel during a tough boss fight.

Born Anew (Final Fantasy XIII)

I’m actually quite baffled that this song hasn’t been included in any of the games yet. It’s easily one of the most epic boss themes in the game, and the fact that it plays during one of the final bosses makes it extra awesome.

It’s super atmospheric, and adds a lot to the already immaculate soundtrack. To be fair, the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack has way too many gems to choose from, but leaving Born Anew off the list is still questionable.

Under The Rotting Pizza (Final Fantasy VII)

This song so perfectly sums up the feeling of living in an underprivileged environment. I think anybody around the world living in a slum can identify with the feeling you get when hearing this song played as you navigate the streets of midgar. In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy I think this would make a perfect Field level.

Luca (Final Fantasy X)

It was hard to choose between this and the Blitz Ball song, but I believe the Blitz Ball song is a little to mellow for a Theatrhythm game. The Luca theme has excellent peaks and it resembles a dubstep sound, which is fascinating considering it was composed before dubstep even had a label. I feel like the remastered version from Final Fantasy X HD Remastered watered down the peaks a little, so id much prefer the original to be included.


I’m aware that all my picks are from either FFX, FFVII or FFXIII but these are my three favorite soundtracks as I’ve experienced them in full. But there’s so much more classic Final Fantasy music out there that hasn’t been used in the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games yet, so be sure to let us know what else deserves to be included in the comments below.

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