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Welcome the Koalition Football League’s first ever mock draft where, in honor of the recently completed NFL Draft, we bring some gaming flavor to the great sport of football. Here we take your favorite pixelated heroes and villains and drop their oft supernatural abilities on the pigskin plains. Imagine if your favorite gaming worlds were brought together for the ultimate sports league with various venues realized as college and pro football teams and check out the first three rounds.

First Round

Earthrealm Monks ~ Pick #1 ~ Hyrule A&M QB Link


Spira Aeons ~ Pick #2 ~ UDmC QB Dante


With their first pick in this year’s KFL draft, the Spira Aeons take Dante. The son of Sparda, a hall of fame linebacker known for his almost villainous tenacity, Dante is easily the most exciting player in this year’s draft. Hailing from UDmC, Dante set records at quarterback in both passing and rushing. He’s also the only QB to also have returned kicks and punts at the U (he scored on 4 of 10 returns in his junior season for touchdowns). Analysts had him falling further do to his off the field issues (constant arrests for fighting, possession charges, etc.) and maturity. His arm strength is unheard of, though he can be a bit off target at times. Decision making is another issue that the more than competent coaching staff at Spira can work out, but Dante’s potential is higher than anyone in this years draft. It’ll be exciting to see his development and he’ll definitely sell tickets.

Protoss Prophets ~ Pick #3 – USNC TE John 117


A 6’10” beast of an athlete, John is a fantastic pick in the first round. Every matchup is a mismatch with this TE and defensive coordinators will be ripping their hair out trying to gameplan for him.

Koopa Krushers ~ Pick #4 ~ Shadaloo State WR M. Bison


Asari Bioamps  ~ Pick #5 ~ Hanover State RB Augustus Cole


Second Round

Earthrealm Monks ~ Pick #6 ~ Midgar A&M LB Barret Wallace


Spira Aeons ~ Pick #7 ~ Spira Tech OG Auron


With their 2nd pick in the KFL, the Aeons take hometown hero Auron from Spira Tech. Quite possibly a reach, considering no one else was looking offensive line in this round, they take a great, utility offensive guard. Auron is a premier blocker coming out of college that can play any position on the offensive line. He’s a 6th year senior (school rules had a loophole allowing him to stay another year), having spent a good few years protecting Spira Tech QBs’ blind side. He can also get great push in the run game. With Auron anchoring the line, Dante, whom the Aeons took in the first round, will have plenty time in the pocket.

Protoss Prophets ~ Pick #8 ~ TFU CB Scout

Was drafted previously for baseball, but committed to the KFL
Was drafted previously for baseball, but committed to the KFL

One of the fastest defensive backs in this draft, Scout will shut his side of the field down with him able to shadow any receiver with his speed. He also has almost unnatural jumping ability, able to pluck passes out of the air on taller receivers. Scout will contribute on special teams as well, bringing his speed to the return game.

Koopa Krushers ~ Pick #9 ~ Terran Tech FB Raynor


Asari Bioamps ~ Pick #10 ~ MKU at Twilight Town C Bowser


Third Round

Earthrealm Monks ~ Pick #11 ~ Outworld University LB Scorpion

Beware Scorpion in a blitz package
Beware Scorpion in a blitz package

Spira Aeons ~ Pick #12 ~ FOXHOUND State WR Solid Snake


In the 3rd round, Gotham decides to give Dante a weapon on the outside. Solid Snake is a young receiver with a veteran presence on the field. The best route runner in the draft, analyst say the FOXHOUND State product is almost stealthy out of his cuts. Able to create separation easily, Dante will look for him on crucial down in order to move the chains. Not “beating the drums” with his footwork, corner backs will be caught asleep when Snake finally takes off on whatever route he runs. Best suited for the slot, Gotham will need a speedy receiver later in the draft to compliment Snake. If they find the right guy, their passing offense will be quite dangerous.

Protoss Prophets ~ Pick #13 ~Vine Valley State LB  Donkey Kong


Koopa Krushers ~ Pick #14 ~ Spira Tech Kicker Wakka


Asari Bioamps ~ Pick #15 ~ MKU QB Luigi


So what did you think of the picks? Come up with your own team down in the comments and tell us which of your favorite characters make the cut!

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