Back to Bed to Spend the Night on iOS and Android

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Surreal indie game Back to Bed was recently released and is now available on iOS and Android devices. Dreamers can purchase the game for $3.99 on their smartphones, or they can opt for the PC version, which has been available on Steam since August 6, 2014, for $5.99.

Back to Bed is a surreal game that takes place in what looks like an abstract painting. Players take on the role of a guardian who is tasked with preventing Bob, a man who suffers from sleepwalking, to accidentally falling into an abyss that would ensure he never wakes up.

Seeing as this is the world of dreams, the guardian is able to make use of the bizarre pathways in order to quickly find and intercept Bob before he does something he’ll regret once he wakes up. It’s a fascinatingly bizarre premise that’s better presented in its trailer.

Source: Eurogamer

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