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No Beta for Current-Gen Version of Grand Theft Auto V

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With the anticipation of Grand Theft Auto V coming to PS4 and Xbox One, some gamers are at risk of involving themselves in an online phishing scam. Releasing a statement on their website, Rockstar Games makes it clear that no Beta test is coming into fruition.

“Please note: There is no pre-release ‘Beta’ test for Grand Theft Auto V. If you see ads or solicitations to join a beta program, beware as this is likely some type of online phishing scam.”

Fans of the game may recall the same situation occurring during the launch of Grand Theft Auto V for the last gen consoles with the developer taking the same approach to denounce potential scams.

With that in mind the gaming community will have to wait until Nov. 18th to experience Grand Theft Auto V on their current-gen consoles, but the wait should surely be worth it.

Source: Rockstar

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