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Beyond: Two Souls Sold Over 1 Million Copies In 2013

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Earlier today, Quantic Dream confirmed through their official website that Beyond: Two Souls successfully sold over 1 million copies in 2013. The developer announced the news via a single page layout filled with impactful words used by several prestigious media outlets in their descriptions of this unique PlayStation 3 exclusive.

In addition to this news, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere also confirmed via Twitter that the game has currently moved 70,088 units in France alone. He added that Beyond: Two Souls has already outsold Heavy Rain within its first 12 weeks of being in the same region.

Despite all this positive news regarding sales figures, many critics and David Cage fans alike would agree that Beyond: Two Souls was an overall mixed bag. While the game looks visually stunning and has strong acting performances by Page and Dafoe, the rotating storyline and clunky controls still continue to frustrate many.

Having played the demo myself, I found the game to be quite enjoyable and I’m glad to hear that it sold well enough so that Quantic Dream can keep making more games for the platform. If you still haven’t played the game and want more info, then I would encourage you to check out Jennie Bharaj‘s Beyond: Two Souls Preview.

Beyond: Two Souls is out now on the PlayStation 3.


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