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Titanfall Dev: “The Higher The Player Count, The More Uncomfortable It Gets”

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Titanfall’s recent announcement that the multiplayer player limit will be restricted to 6v6 has been met with a lot of anger by many fans. This has caused Titanfall devs to speak out in defense of the decision.

Lead designer Justin Hendry spoke with Polygon and explained why the 6v6 limit in Titanfall is not such a bad thing:

“The higher the player count, the more uncomfortable the game gets, unlike in most games where you can sit there and guard the two ways in, in Titanfall the guy can come in through the window right behind you, he can come from the window to your left, he can come from straight ahead, he can come in from the stairway and he can come in from the doorway, or whatever.

“Essentially there are five directions you can get killed from and the higher that player count, the more likely you are to get killed from behind and the more difficult it is to kind of manage your surroundings.”

Having played Titanfall last September; hearing that it will be 6v6 is no cause for concern at all, the game is so hectic with all of the players, Titans and AI that a 6v6 can easily feel like a 16v16. I think that everybody complaining about this just needs to play the game and soon they will see that this is no issue at all.

What do you think about the 6v6 player count? Do you think it is enough for a shooter of this calibre? Please let me know in the comments below!

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