Corey Barlog Lets it Slip that a New God of War is Being Developed

Kratos Komeback.

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Loose lips may sink ships but they provide us with some great information. In this case we got some juicy news courtesy of God of War II‘s Game Director Corey Barlog who was on stage during the God of War retrospective panel at the PlayStation Experience event. To put it bluntly, he said that a new God of War game was in development.

Twitter user User Charles Weichselbaum who was in attendance at the show tweeted this as soon as he heard:

Shortly thereafter, Sony (who have since deleted the tweet) tweeted out what Barlog said which was “Yes, we’re making another God of War.” They then tweeted this out:

Looks like this was information that wasn’t supposed to be released. Perhaps someone needs to educate mister Barlog on how the internet works because one wrongly said statement can travel around the world in 80 milliseconds. This is pretty interesting information though and I’m sure we’ll find out more about the next GoW game when Sony officially announces it.

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