EA Vice President Jeff Brown Steps Down, Moves to GoPro

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The New Year often brings with it many changes and game companies are often no different than other companies across the world. Jeff Brown, who was previously in charge of corporate communications, has now parted ways with the massive game publisher after 14 years of dedicated employment, VentureBeat reports.

Jeff Brown is an established pro and seasoend veteran at what he does and will surely bring that same level of tenacity to his new position – but EA will surely miss him. He has been a valuable asset to EA over the past near decade and a half, ushering them through several PR nightmares.

Considered by many to be gaming’s equivalent of “too big to fail”, there have been no shortage of issues for EA with game launches in recent years. From SimCity to Battlefield or even issues with sport game licensing and graphic content, it seems that EA always finds itself on both ends of any particular spectrum.

It is worth noting that his decision was apparently not in regards to the new CEO, Andrew Wilson, taking over: “I am completely supportive of Andrew. But it was a good time for me to say goodbye.” Whether it has more to do with the frequent and troubling issues the company faces on a near-daily basis, or just wanting a change of pace, we can never really be certain.

What do you think this means for EA in both the near and short term? Let us know down in the comments below!

Sources: VentureBeat and GameInformer

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