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Evolve Revealed In February Game Informer, Co-op Sci-Fi Shooter Coming To Next-Gen

Evolve, a four person co-op sci-fi shooter has today been revealed as the cover of February’s Game Informer. The game is being made by Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock and is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 this fall!

The Game Informer reveal describes the game as:

The sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter pits a four-player crew of alien hunters against a separate player-controlled monster that grows larger and more powerful over the course of matches. Each hunter features its own unique items and abilities, and while the monster may be outnumbered, its size and an assortment of devastating attacks make it a more than formidable foe.

From this description it seems like Evolve will be similar to the Horde mode popularized by Gears of War. Considering how fun and well made Left 4 Dead was we can presume that Evolve will be similarly great. However, I’m personally not too sure that a four player co-op game is right for me. Hopefully there is some single player element to the game, otherwise I’ll find it difficult caring too much about Evolve. Multiplayer shooters can be great but only if you have the right people to play with, a luxury that I unfortunately don’t always have.

Nevertheless, I will be interested in seeing how Evolve turns out and I can’t wait to see some footage of the game soon. Let me know in the comments what you think about Evolve. Will this become the new L4D? Do you agree that the game would be better with some sort of single player?

Evolve releases Fall 2014 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.