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6 Xbox One Games That Will Define The Console In 2014

Approximately one week after Sony released the PS4 in North America, Microsoft launched their highly publicized Xbox One console in both the European and American markets. Carrying a higher price tag of $100 dollars more than the PS4, Microsoft’s new next-gen system was the subject on controversy and criticism long before it even had a chance to hit the store shelves.

Despite all of the backlash and hate from diehard PlayStation fanboys, there is absolutely no denying that Microsoft has several high profile games coming to the Xbox One later this year. To emphasize this point further, I decided to create a list of 6 Xbox One games that will define the console in 2014. These picks are based on games that we already know about and how they can potentially impact Microsoft throughout the year.


6) Fable Legends

Lionhead Studios first next-gen project will take place in a familiar setting when Fable Legends releases exclusively on the Xbox One later this year. Legends is a prequel set during the “Age of Heroes” and will allow fans to play along with four of their favorite friends.

Ever since the engaging action RPG series debuted on the original Xbox way back in September of 2004, players everywhere have praised the immersive environments and morality themes found within each installment afterward. While the more recent sequels may have been disappointing for some, Fable Legends is an excellent opportunity for the developers to get back to form and gain even more fans at the same time.


5) Sunset Overdrive

This Insomniac Games developed open world shooter still remains a mystery to virtually everyone at the moment. Aside from the teaser trailer that was released during E3 2013, all we know now is that players will be using agile combat techniques to navigate through a city filled with mutants.

Insomniac Games is responsible for creating several PlayStation exclusives ever since they were founded in 1994. With all that said, they have a track record for creating decent games and Sunset Overdrive has the raw potential to surprise a lot of people when all is said and done.


4) Project Spark

This Team Dakota developed video game brings the fun and excitement of game creation and sharing to the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360 later this year. While the developers will never openly admit it, this concept was initially inspired by Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series of video games.

The Project Spark beta is now available on PC to those who registered early on. An Xbox One, and Xbox 360 beta will launch sometime in spring.


3) TitanFall

Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated first-person shooter has all the potential in the world to be a game changer for both Microsoft and EA. While this mech-inspired shooter won’t have PC mod support at launch, gamers everywhere can rest easy knowing that they will essentially be getting the same gameplay experience regardless of which platform they choose to buy it for.

While some may try to downplay the importance of this game, the fact of the matter is that TitanFall has a unique opportunity to put an early definition of what a next-gen multiplayer experience should feel like. Luckily for us all, we won’t need to wait too much longer to see if it does that definition justice.

quantum break

2) Quantum Break

I’ll be the first to admit that I was and still am expecting Remedy to create a sequel to Alan Wake. With that said, Quantum Break looks visually stunning and could essentially be just what Alan Wake fans need to hold them over.

This ambitious cover-based-third-person shooter revolves around 3 main characters that gain time travel manipulation powers after an experiment goes awry. Remedy has described the project as the definitive entertainment experience that combines live-action TV episodes with gameplay.

Knowing the studio’s track record for releasing games, Quantum Break could ultimately end up being delayed until 2015. For now though, lets remain optimistic that this game will be hitting stores sooner rather than later.


1) Halo 5

For as long as the Xbox brand has been around, Halo has always been the one franchise that fans have praised the most. This popular first-person shooter might not seem special to the average FPS fan, but the series’ iconic Master Chief character means so much more to gaming and shooters as a whole.

343 Industries’ impressive efforts on Halo 4 proved that the series still has legs. Halo 5 could ideally expand that vision even further and knock the Xbox One sales through the roof all at once.

Which Xbox One Games are you looking forward to the most?

This concludes my list on 6 Xbox One games that will define the console in 2014. Do you agree or disagree with any of the games that I have mentioned? Do you feel there are other Xbox One games that deserve to be on this list? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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