Kickstarter Campaign for The Black Glove Fails

After an unsuccessful campaign, The Black Glove game still lives on

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Day For Night Games, former BioShock developers from Irrational Games, had a Kickstarter page to promote their newly developed game, The Black Glove. Unfortunately, that campaign has failed.

Even though the developers had close to six thousand backers, they did not meet the $550,000 target. The crowdfunding ended with $216,517, leaving them $333,483 short of meeting the set goal. However, the team still isn’t giving up hope. They have assured followers that they will continue to fight like hell to keep it from being cancelled. People then asked if they are planning on starting another campaign with a lower fundraising goal.

Here is what the developers had to say:

As you know, we’ve been funding The Black Glove entirely out of pocket for months while juggling freelance work. We don’t have angel investors or a publisher. 

We asked for the total we needed to guarantee that we could self-publish the game within a year with 6+ hours worth of content for $20. If we turned around immediately and asked for less without having secured the rest of the funds necessary, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee our Kickstarter backers that we could deliver the game. 

But, we’re pursuing all options. We’re beginning to talk to all the publishers who have reached out over the last few weeks. We have a few other ideas, as well. 

It may be weeks or months before we have news to report, but we intend to be back with more as soon as possible. 


We’re asking all of our backers and fans to head on over to our web-site and sign up e-mail updates and follow us on Twitter. We’ll keep you up on all future developments about the game. 

And if you’re in the game industry, we have a bevy of talented developers who are available for freelance while we sort out next steps. (Contact joe at dayfornightgames dot com for details.) 

Thanks again for everything! More soon!


The team is dedicated in completing development of The Black Glove, only time will tell if their goals will be met!

How do you feel about the failure of The Black Glove Kickstarter campaign? If they successfully start another campaign, would you contribute to it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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