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The rap battle culture has given birth to many, many characters in its history. In it’s youth, freestyling was the rule but it has become a treasured skill within today’s roster. Corey Charron, who can be found in various battle leagues from King of the Dot to Don’t Flop to URL and even on BET, is one of the few that still embrace true freestyle. Battles are a war of words as much as they are a battle of wits, so those that can think on the fly and rebuttal their opponents on stage often stand out. The Koalition was honored with a chance to interview Charron and get insight on the quick mind behind the mic.

[Character Selected!!]

So who comes first? Charron the artist or the rap battler? Would you rather them be considered one and the same?

Charron: I’m considered a rap battler because that’s how I started and got my initial buzz.   I need more accolades in my music career to properly make the transition.  I don’t put either in front of the other due to the fact that they both are beneficial to my career.

You’re a bigger name in rap battle and a big part is your talent for true freestyle. Do you think artists that lack that skill should be considered lesser emcees?

Charron: Freestyling is the purest form of hip hop and will always be respected when it’s done correctly.   I don’t think artists should be scrutinized for not being able to do it though.  Making a hit record is more important than making words rhyme spontaneously.


What do you think of the state of hip hop?

Charron: The internet has really changed the state of hip hop.  Everyone and their nephews babysitter is a rapper these days.   It’s harder to stand out in an over saturated market.   I think that battling has brought the competitive spark back in the game.

Rebuttal yourself from 10 years ago. 4 bars.

Charron: Listen you sexy beast,  here’s what I need

Get rid of your Ecco jeans and don’t think ur hard cuz you tried weed

You’re a virgin but soon you’ll have a dime at your place

The future corey Charron just lied to your face

What two fictional characters (in any medium) would you like to see in the rap battle ring?

Charron: I’d love to see Batman fuck Harry potter up.

Most invigorating win? Most painful loss?

Charron: It was a really proud moment when I beat Arsonal in England.  My most painful lost was against Arcane since it was my first.

Choose one battle and one song that you believe introduces you best to a new audience.

Charron: I always show people my DNA battle and have them listen to my B.E.T. Cypher for my music.  I feel like those both represent me the way I want to be portrayed.


Now that you have learned a bit about the man behind the mic, search “Charron” on Youtube and prepare for an onslaught of entertainment. Also, check out his album “Lied To My Face” on iTunes and look out for First Impressions of the project dropping this week.

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