Kickstarter Weekly: Beast’s Fury, Combat Core and Together: Amna and Saif

Just a quick Kickstarter Weekly inbetween E3 craziness

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No time for an introduction this week because I’m at E3! Here are the games for this issue of the Kickstarter Weekly.

Beast’s Fury

Project By: Ryhan Stevens

Goal: $45,000

Current Funds: $19,193

End: June 19, 2014

I’ve seen many developers turn to Kickstarter for a multitude of gaming-related projects. Some may want the funds to create their favorite childhood games; others may want to take gaming to new heights. However, I have yet to see a developer turn to Kickstarter so they can release a demo. It seems like Ryhan Stevens and his team are using the crowdfunding website to literally kick-start consumer interest for the full-version of Beast’s Fury.

Beast’s Fury has a roster of anthropomorphic animals; each has its own fighting style such as street, MMA, Kung Fu and more. While the team has seven fighters on its roster, the team will have two for a playable demo: Vincent, a dog, and Don, a (street?) shark. While there’s not a lot of information regarding the gameplay itself, the team does promise that the animation will be on par with Street Fighter III.

Despite the scarce information, Beast’s Fury has some established talent to support it. Egoraptor is slated to voice Ego: The Cyber-Raptor—gee, I wonder why. The team has also uploaded footage of current builds, and it looks like it has potential to be on par with not only Street Fighter III but also Skullgirls in terms of animation.

As with most Kickstarter projects, Beast’s Fury’s creators need the money to work full-time. What I respect about their Kickstarter is that they show the difference between the time it would take to complete the game with just two part-time animators and 9 full-time animators. Two years is a long time for just a demo, and their animation is looking good, so perhaps they need their big break.

Combat Core

Project By: Micah Betts

Goal: $20,000

Current Funds: $938

End: June 27, 2014

While I’ve seen plenty of 2D fighting games striving for backers’ money, I have yet to see a 3D fighting game. Power Stone is a name that resonates with Dreamcast fans, and I’m surprised there hasn’t been a developer before Micah Bretts and his team that decided to address that (if you have, then please feel free to send me a link). Power Stone fans, meet Combat Core.

When I say that Combat Core looks like Power Stone, I mean that as the highest form of compliment possible. The major difference is that the game uses a cybernetic setting. This means that you can expect guns, swords, beams that look like Kamehameha waves (actually, one of the combatants shown in the trailer looks exactly like Piccolo), and robotic combatants.

The core of Combat Core’s…combat…is a four-button system.  Using an Xbox 360 controller for reference, players tap X and Y for two light attacks, B for a shield or evasion, and they can hold X for a heavy attack. After sustaining damage, players can recharge their shields at the center of each stage; however, lasers will wipe them out unless they reach the center in time. Players can also assign characters a variety of stat points to improve their combat prowess. Finally, the developers emphasize 4 player multiplayer in order to appeal to an audience that still yearns for their Super Smash Bros. and Power Stone days.

In addition to creating the game full-time without having to worry about life expenses, Micah hopes to put in more content with his Kickstarter funds. This means that players we’ll have a larger range of customizable assets, more arenas and hazards, and a more professional presentation. Even with the little footage I’ve seen, I can imagine that Power Stone and Smash Bros. Fans will be interested in checking out Combat Core’s Kickstarter.

Together: Amna and Saif


Project By: Lyle Cox

Goal: $10,000

Current Funds: $5,591

End: June 30, 2014

I enjoy cooperative games; however, I’ve noticed that most games with co-op tend to just make an excuse for the second player. Sometimes they may require the second player to help you open a door, as in Gears of War, but anybody playing single player could open the door by themselves. Together: Amna and Saif aims to be a co-op game where one cannot play without another—it is truly co-op gameplay.

Players follow the story of Amna and Saif, a mother and son respectively. Their loved ones are in danger. The two must work together in order to save their loved ones. There’s no room for one person to shoulder the entire burden of problem solving.

All of Together: Amna and Saif’s puzzles are based around the idea of interdependence. Some puzzles may be solvable by one player; however, the majority of puzzles require cooperation. With interdependence in mind, the developers hope to strengthen the relationship between both players. As with introducing your friends, lovers, or with whomever you want to play, the developers want to make the mechanics as simple to grasp as possible. That said, they also want to challenge the most seasoned of hardcore gamers.

I imagine that some might be put-off by funding a two-player only game; however, I see the appeal with this game. I’ve personally experienced difficulties introducing people to new games, and I would like to play a game that’s accessible for other yet challenging to me. The rest of the funds will be used to make sure this cooperative experience is polished, but, based on the art-work I’ve seen, Together: Amna and Saif already looks like it’s coming together.

Other Projects?

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