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Hello Gamer’s,

Guiding Tech has posted an article that gives you a step by step instruction on a program called Can You Run It, which will allow you to run a diagnostic on a game to see if it’s compatible with the specs of your PC. And they assure users that you will never have a problem again.

Guiding Tech mentions you can still do it the old way by using Speccy to view you CPU’s system information, and then look up the games minimum requirements to know if it’s compatible. But why would you want to keep doing that all the time, when the answer is simple, use Can You Run It! GT also makes clear that the program will not obtain any “identifiable information” about you from your PC, so you can feel safe about that.

If you visit the Guiding Tech article, there will be the full instructional list of what to do in order to download the program, install it, operate it and then find out if you can play the game on your PC. If the game isn’t compatible with your computer, the program will even give you a reason to why it won’t run on your computer and it will give you a solution to your problem, pretty awesome. In addition to this program, you can select a group of games to run at the same time, thus, letting you know if it works without having to run an analysis ever time.

So, If your tired of being pissed all the time when you purchase a game, get home, to only find out it’s not compatible with your PC. Then you should check this out!

Source: Guiding Tech

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