Activision Reports Destiny is the Most Pre-ordered IP in History

Are you ready to be apart of history?

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Activision has announced that the pre-orders for Destiny have surpassed record numbers in history!

According to Game Industry, the numbers were not disclosed as it is assumed to be from the game’s beta and not from the actual finished game itself. The beta saw about 4,638,937 participants during it’s run and that makes it the most anticipated game by consumers. Retailers around the world are planning for midnight openings with huge formed lines of gamers waiting to get their own copy of Destiny.

There is a lot of talk out on the net, and some say that it is going to be the best of the year while others are saying that it’s nothing compared to the average first person shooter. We will all be able to find that out in just a few hours and even minutes for some!

Source: Game Industry

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