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The launch of the PS4 and Xbox One marked a new chapter in the gaming industry. The legacy of the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii have been strong, and it’s a generation we won’t forget easily. However, the reality is that we’re in a far different gaming industry than we were in 6-7 years ago. The relationships between companies are different, and the strategies of game publishers have changed. More and more we’re seeing publishers turn every game into a multi-platform offering to maximize profits.

But there are still developers and publishers who focus on niche markets, and thus put out games that we don’t see on Eco-system’s such as the PS4. Then you also have companies who publish exclusively on competing platforms, whether it’s because of a deal or by sheer choice.

So that’s when I started thinking, what studios do I actually want to see develop on the PS4 that aren’t already confirmed to be? I chose PS4 in this case because it’s currently the console I have more interest in and it will be the first Next-gen console I purchase. Call me a fanboy for this choice by all means, but I have no doubt that an Xbox version of this article will follow from one of my wonderful colleagues.

So here’s the list I came up with. Be sure to let me know whether you agree or disagree in the comments.

Remedy Entertainment

quantum break

Remedy has strayed so far from the Playstation brand over the years that some may even mistake them for a Microsoft studio. If I’m correct, their last game on a Playstation console would have been Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Since then they’ve given us Death Rally and Alan Wake. Now they’re most known for their upcoming project Quantum Break for the Xbox One.

Clearly this is a studio known for quality over quantity. They put their all into each project, with such focus that allows them to create something touching to the audience. I’m sure they have logical reasons for not publishing on the Playstation eco-system, but that doesn’t stop anyone from wishing they did. With Remedy’s level of quality, I believe they could show the potential of the PS4 hardware like quantity publishers such as EA couldn’t.

Bohemia Interactive


Bohemia are known for the realistic PC shooter series ARMA, and most recently the multiplayer survival phenomenon, DayZ. I understand that PC developers tend to stay on the PC. However, I believe studios like Bohemia to be some of the most creatively talented people in gaming period. Companies like this experiment, and build new phenomenon’s from the results. DayZ started as a mod for ARMA, and now it’s one of the hottest games on Steam. Console gaming needs this level of serendipity, and PS4 is the perfect platform for it.

Platinum Games


We saw some awesome multiplatform games from this studio in the last generation. From Metal Gear Rising, to Bayoneta to Vanquish. There may be many gamers out there who feel like Platinum Games excel in mediocrity (Bronze Games if you will). But I personally think they have huge potential moving into the next generation. Currently they’ve been focused on their Nintendo only offerings, but with the Nintendo audience shrinking, the PS4 seems like the next best choice for Platinum Games to come up on.

EPIC games


The thing with EPIC is that they don’t have to make any game for any platform at all. They have the powerhouse that is the Unreal Engine 4, which we will see power some of the best games in the coming years.

But with that being said, EPIC might possibly be the best developers to showcase the power of their technology. Last generation we saw them produce arguably the best Xbox exclusive IP, Gears of War. They also made Unreal Tournament, which was popular on the PS3 earlier in the lifecycle.

Now that they’ve passed on Gears of War to Microsoft, we want EPIC to give us something new and awesome; either as a multiplayer offering or an exclusive to the PS4. We know that the PS4 is the more powerful console (spec wise) for now. So why not show us what the Unreal Engine 4 can do with this level of hardware.

Respawn Entertainment


This is a bit of an obvious choice, no? I don’t need to expand on this too much. We know who these guys are (former co-founders of Infinity Ward), and we know they’re the studio behind the most talked about game in gaming media currently (TitanFall). We also know that TitanFall will perhaps never see the light of day on the PS4.

Whether we see TitanFall grace the PS4 or not in the future, these guys are proven. They hand a significant hand in developing one of the biggest cash generating games in history (Call of Duty). Why wouldn’t we want to see these guys develop for the PS4 in some capacity? If there’s anybody who can show that the PS4 is miles ahead of the PS3 in terms of online functionality, it’s these guys.



My reasons for including Arenanet are personal. Guild Wars 2 is the best MMO experience I’ve ever had, and the consistency of the content is impressive. Although there are MMO’s on consoles already, I don’t believe any of them have made a significant impact on the casual gamer. With Arena’s business model I believe they can penetrate the couch gamer market, more so than Bethesda, Square Enix and Sony Entertainment Online. Guild Wars 2 is an MMO I feel I can drop in and drop out of at will, which is a relief in a world where MMO’s demand hours of your life before you see any type of long term payoff.

Honorable Mentions



I didn’t mention these guys on the main list because it’s sort of inevitable that they WILL develop on the PS4. They’re on record stating that their own games won’t all be exclusive to Steam. Which means we will very likely see Portal 3, and Half Life 3 (the myth that it is) on consoles.

So Valve gets an honorable mention, simply because we don’t know what their plan is just yet. These guys have such a heavy influence in the gaming industry these days that anything they create is revolutionary, so who wouldn’t want these guys to grace their consoles with content?

Facepunch studios


I didn’t include these guys in the initial list, only because everything I wanted to say about them, I already said about Bohemia Interactive. They are deeply rooted in PC gaming, so this is likely something that will never happen. But regardless, they boast levels of experimentation and creativity that’s missing from consoles.

Controversial Mention



I had to mention these guys, being the asshole that I am. I’m a strong believer that Nintendo could be the richest game publisher on earth if they started publishing their titles on other platforms. While their hardware situation is looking bleak, many gamers are dreaming of a world where Nintendo becomes the new (and better) EA. I’m no Mario fan, but if you offer me Mario Kart on the PS4 then I won’t even need to think about buying it. Will I buy a console to play Mario, Smash Bros and Zelda? No. Will I buy them if they’re on a console I already own? Instantly!

What about you?

This article is based on my own personal opinions. But here at The Koalition we value the power of discussion, so we want to get your views on this topic. Whether you agree or disagree, please let us know in the comments below.

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