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With Thanksgiving festivities kicking off this week, we at The Koalition decided we’d show some artists we’re appreciative of with the debut of our Appreciation Week series. Every month, the Knights of the Turntable team and affiliates will take a week to shed light on artists that we think don’t get enough shine in one way or another.

Starting it off, we highlight one of the best mainstream entertainers in the last decade, T Pain. Though Teddy Pizzle did obvious numbers while continuously topping single charts, mainstream success in such an avenue often overshadows just how truly talented and influential T Pain really is. For example, most only just realized Pain could sing without autotune (on key) via the Tiny Desk NPR Concert.

Here’s a special edition of Koalition Radio, listing off some favorite tunes over the times, some you may have even missed and also tune in for new content throughout the week as we speak on favorite songs and albums, T Pain’s history, and his most recent work.

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