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The Witch And The Hundred Knight Summons a New Trailer

Good news for those looking forward to The Witch and the Hundred Knight: NIS America has a new trailer for you to enjoy. The trailer presents some informative information about the game’s content.

Arlecchino, servant to the main protagonist, Metallia, explains what the Witch and the Hundred Knight is about. He explains how Metallia dreams of spreading her swamp all over the world, and she’s even willing to enlist the aid of the Hundred Knight to do so. Arlecchino introduces most of the game’s characters while watching what he says about the apparently violent Metallia.

Metallia herself interrupts the poor butler and talks about the various places the Hundred Knight will travel to. So far, Metallia reveals a ravine, a mountain, and a desert, but she assures that there will be more.  But more importantly, there will be monsters to face in each location, so Metallia instructs the Hundred Knight in the art of combat. With the insta-swap ability, the Hundred Knight is able to equip five weapons at once. Why would a knight, let alone the Hundred Knight, need to equip five weapons at once? Why, he’ll use them all to slice-and-dice his enemies with a variety of combos!

While the Hundred Knight sounds like a whirling death machine, he needs to watch his gigacalories; otherwise, he’ll die and return to the swamp where Metallia will revive him. The Witch and the Hundred Knight has other cool features including slowing down (speeding up?) time and raiding villages. I’ll leave it to Metallia and Arlecchino to explain the details.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight releases March 25, 2014. In the meantime, feel free to check out the trailer above!

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