Fleeing the Complex: One of the Best Browser Adventure Games I’ve Played

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Fleeing the Complex is a browser adventure game featured on the Poki website. The aim of the game is to flee from the prison holding cell that our stickman Henry is locked up in. The game is essentially a point and click adventure, in which you have to make the right choices to successfully escape. The game does a fantastic job a blending slapstick humor into basic point and click mechanics.

In Fleeing the Complex you’ll see the game over screen a lot, but you won’t ever be mad at seeing it, because every outcome you choose leads to a cheerful moment. The sound effects and voice work are so well done in Fleeing the Complex that I’m surprised I was even playing a browser game. You’ll often see humorous references to popular video games like sonic the hedgehog and the game even pokes fun at traditional RPG combat.

Feeling the Complex is a short game, so there’s no reason not to give it a go. At the end of the game it tallies’ up your number of “fails” and assigns you a grade. If you do get around to playing then be sure to let us know your score in the comments below.

To get a visual idea of the game we have included a video up top, so check it out and then go ahead and give the game a go yourself. There is also number of other Stickman games available on the website to try, like The Stick Getaway.

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