Games of Our Lives — 11.2.15 | Sony Talks The Last Guardian Missing At PGW; Uncharted 4 Micro-Transactions Clarified; More News!

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Below are the news stories that may not have made the headlines today but are worth reading!

Gamers never die…..

Just like the Games of Our Lives…


►Black Ops 3
►Sonic Lost World
►Uncharted 4
►Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
►Halo 5: Guardians
►Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
►Fallout 4
►Pokkén Tournament
►Rise of the Tomb Raider
►Need For Speed
►The Last Guardian
►The Technomancer

/// Treyarch Confirms Modding & Mapping Tools for Black Ops 3 PC in 2016!

Over the years, the Call of Duty community has proven itself to be among the most passionate in the world – and we count ourselves fortunate to make games for you.

We’ve been listening to one of your top requests and are excited to announce that modding and mapping are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC!

We’ve still got a lot of work left to do, but here’s our current plan:

• You will be able to create Maps & Game Modes and more!

• We will include Unranked Dedicated Server Files with the tools so you can run servers with modded content anywhere you choose.

• We will provide an Unranked Server Browser so you can easily find and join servers with modded content.

• Closed Alpha target date: March 2016

Please remember that this is software development, so things don’t always work out exactly as planned. Sometimes features slip or drop off altogether, sometimes they get replaced with other, more awesome features as we hit into limitations of our original plans.

There is much more news to come including updates on Open Beta timing. In order to keep you informed, we’ll periodically publish developer blog posts to share our progress with our fans. Stay tuned to the Treyarch blog for more information.

And yes, this is for real. | Cesar Stastny – Director of Development

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/// Sonic Lost World Out Now for PC, Launch Trailer!

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/// Naughty Dog Explains Uncharted 4 Micro-Transactions, Says Nothing is Gated Off!

Speaking during a panel at PAX Australia 2015, Meyer said that all the reports about Naughty Dog Points that have emerged so far have been a little inaccurate.

If you look at Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, those two multiplayer games still exist right now, we still have a multiplayer community that’s playing with them, and it’s really quite some time. We want to be able to do that with Uncharted 4 as well, to be able to support the multiplayer game for it.

We don’t have dedicated servers, so it reduces our costs to be able to maintain everything going on, so we’re thinking of this virtual currency system as a way to basically treat this game as a service so that we can keep going for a really long time.

Meyer further said:

When you start playing Uncharted 4’s multiplayer you actually get a little bit of this currency so you can try out and see how it works.

You buy Naughty Dog Points with real currency, so it’s basically a virtual currency. And just the idea is that we looked at the ways that people have done this in other games, we’ve looked at the community’s reaction to it, we’ve looked at the community’s reaction to our announcement of Naughty Dog Points, and we wanna make sure that it’s a really complex but really balanced system, that everyone gets to use.

| Source

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/// Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a Full Game for PlayStation VR!

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/// If You Buy Halo 5 on a Military Base You Get This Coin Along With It!

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/// Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash ‘Monsters of the Court’ Trailer!

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/// Fallout 4 has Three Times the Music of FO3, Including Lynda Carter Originals!

In addition to these tracks, the soundtrack features original songs written specifically for Fallout 4 – a series first. Despite her fame as TV’s Wonder Woman, Carter is an accomplished singer who tours with a band, and as a long time friend of Bethesda’s she was the natural choice to contribute a few songs. Carter also has a voice role; she’s appeared in multiple Bethesda games. | Source

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/// Pokkén Tournament ~ New Mewtwo Form was Just Added via Surprise Update!

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/// PlayStation Plus Games for November Announced!

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/// Rise of the Tomb Raider | Launch Trailer!

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/// Need For Speed | Launch Trailer!

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/// The Last Guardian wasn’t shown at PGW or TGS so Story Doesn’t Get Spoiled!

“Development is going well, but because it’s about the story, we don’t want to show too much,” Yoshida told GameSpot in a new interview. “We wanted to show that it exists, it works, it runs. It’s not like we won’t show anything before launch, but I think we will try to limit what we show about the game.”

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/// The Technomancer ‘First Contact’ Trailer ~ PS4, Xbox One & PC!

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/// PlayStation VR Comes with “External Processing Unit” – Report!

PlayStation VR, the VR headset previously codenamed Project Morpheus, is going to need an external box to help it deliver on its premise. Sony is calling it ‘PU’, short of Processing Unit, and it will be doing a lot of the graphics and audio processing.

The information comes from a presentation by Sony’s Ram Madhavan, held at the Unite 2015 developer conference.

According to Madhavan, this processing unit does “most of the heavy lifting” when it comes producing low-latency images. The same is also being done for audio processing. The external unit supports 3D binaural audio. | Source

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/// Shuhei Yoshida on PS Vita: “Our Focus Has Shifted to PS4 and PS VR,” We’re Happy to See 3rd Party & Indie Support!

When GameSpot asked the Sony Worldwide Studios President about their decreasing PS Vita support, he replied:

Yes, I’ve been pretty honest saying our focus has shifted to PS4 and PlayStation VR. It’s not like we don’t have any development at all, we do, but our focus is on PS4 and PlayStation VR, and we are happy to see third-parties and indies support it.

Addressing the absence of PS Vita content during their Paris Games Week press conference, he said it came down to prioritizing PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR:

Hmmn, well it’s always about the choice of content. We could have used the event to talk about our new online services. Or the PS4’s new system features. There are many things we’re working on that we didn’t have time for. I mean the conference we had was already at 90 minutes, and that is as much as people will be able to kind of stay focused. So we really wanted to prioritize on games we have on PS4 and PlayStation VR.

| Source

/// You’ve Now Reached the End of Games of Our Lives

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