The Koalition Hip Hop Awards 2014 | Verse of the Year

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The last individual category before the Knights of the Turntable discuss the Album of the Year and Mixtape of the Year on the podcast, here’s Verse of the Year from three of the team.


Rapsody’s 3rd verse – “Forgive Me (I’m Sorry)


The Beauty and The Beast EP is an amazing feat for the NC product, Rapsody. Every track and is lyrically impressive and many of them could have hit this list with no problem, but “Forgive Me (I’m Sorry)” stands out the most to me. Her unashamed, sarcastic apology for not succumbing to the expectations of a woman in Hip Hop and society in general just bangs. It’s the perfect cap, closing out the project perfectly. Once again, do not sleep.

 Joe Hova

Mick Jenkins’ first verse – “Martyrs”


I hadn’t listened to Mick Jenkins before this but I’m glad this was my introduction to the Chicago MC. He had me sold and intrigued from the opening line, not to mention that he did a lot of double meanings with the lyrics on this one. Chance The Rapper may be Chicago’s golden child right now but Mick Jenkins is the next star from the Windy City.

Major Mason

J Cole’s 3rd Verse – “Firing Squad”


The energy expended during the delivery of this verse is what ultimately gives J.Cole this award. This verse is brutally honest, delivered without pulling any punches and was really out of left field when compared to what I was expecting from J.Cole. His tone was stern but felt truly from a place of discontent and sadness. While he has always shown glimpses of conscious thought in his songs, this verse confirmed that his presence of mind and train of thought have expanded considerably since his arrival in the industry.

What verses hit you in the gut in 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

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