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Latest Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Features Accolades, August’s Update, and September Goodies

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Warner Bros has released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight that shows how much love the industry has given the game, what the new August update has to offer, and even a small glimpse of what we can expect in September.

The majority of the trailer focuses on the main story of the game and some of the key moments found in it. We see images from the game with various awards given to the title from different gaming publications. The trailer gives away the big Joker surprise from the beginning of the game. But considering that the title has been out for a couple of months, I guess that’s fine.

Then the trailer moves on to the August update which features the 1989 Batman and Batmobile skins, as well as the Bat-Family skins. Though this is called the “1989 Batman” skin, the actual content features two new race tracks which are inspired by 1992’s Batman Returns which had the Penguin as the main villain. We also hear the classic Danny Elfman score as well.

The end of the trailer teases the content we can expect in September. The trailer briefly shows “The Tumbler” Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan movies, but as far as what else we can expect in September, we have you covered with that info.

On September 1st, there will be six new AR challenges for Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman. There will be more content later on in September including: GCPD Lockdown, a story pack DLC which takes place after the events of the main game where you play as Nightwing who must stop the Penguin from escaping the GCPD. You’ll also get the aforementioned Tumbler Batmobile skin pack which will also have two new themed race tracks, and finally, you’ll get the Original Arkham Batman Skin pack which lets you… play as Batman from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The August update is available to download now for those who purchased the Arkham Knight season pass. Those without the season pass can purchase each of the August DLCs for $1.99 each.

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