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PlayStation 4 “Wins” Black Friday, Outsells Xbox and Wii U

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InfoScout, the same market study that crowned Xbox the “winner” of Black Friday 2014 winner, has named the PS4 the “winner” of this years Black Friday.

According to the group, who tracks purchases made during the holiday, 48% of the Millennial age group (ages 18-35) favored the PlayStation 4 on Black Friday, which is an 8% increase over the average day. Unfortunately for Microsoft, 7% of the interest came at the cost of Xbox influence. 


Oddly enough, interest amongst the Middle Aged group (ages 36-55) saw the Xbox winning the day, with 37% of people purchasing a Microsoft console. It’s interesting to note that both the PlayStation and Xbox saw an increase in Middle Age consumers, both coming at the expense of Nintendo, which lost its hold on consumers in both age brackets.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean much other than the fact that Sony might have had some better Black Friday bundles, it is interesting to look at how the systems seem to be faring amongst consumers.

Source: InfoScout via Polygon

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