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Project Morpheus is no More! Say Hello to PlayStation VR

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Since it was announced, Sony’s Virtual Reality helmet has gone by the name of “Project Morpheus.” Like many other “projects” out there (except for Project CARS), that placeholder name has now been replaced by an official moniker. From this day forward, get used to calling this the PlayStation VR. This was announced today during Sony’s Pre-TGS 2015 Event in Japan.

Though Morpheus is the name of the Greek God of dreams, many (myself included) think of Lawrence Fishburne’s iconic Matrix character, Morpheus, when hearing this name. While some people liked this name, it was inevitable that Sony would change it due to it being associated with a movie character. Yes, Project Morpheus does sound a lot cooler than PlayStation VR, but the new name lets the general public know exactly what this is: a VR helmet from PlayStation.

Aside from a name change, there is nothing else that’s different about PlayStation VR. It’s still the same hardware everyone knows about. What is interesting is that Sony is planning a week of VR during the Tokyo Game Show and will have titles such as Danganronpa VR, Hatsune Miku, and Summer Lesson for people to play. Why is this noteworthy? Because it demonstrates that the VR peripheral will be able to play regular games on it and won’t be stuck with titles that can only be played when using it. This of course opens up the door for other titles that are more popular like Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, and many others to feature VR support.

Stay tuned for more news on PlayStation VR as it develops.

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