Sony Announces 22.3 Million PlayStation 4 Units Sold

The PS4 continues its dominance.

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold 22.3 million units in its lifetime as of the end of March 2015. This news comes from a recent Sony financial report which shows that the current-gen system’s successful streak continues unabated.

The report says that the PlayStation 4 has sold 14.8 million units for the financial year ending in March 31, 2015. These sales have caused the gaming and network services division to become its biggest money maker. This segment’s financial earnings have risen 33% year on year and has brought in $11.5 billion this year. Sony expects the PlayStation 4 to continue its impressive sales trajectory and sees the system selling another 16 million units in the next year.

While the PS4 is doing great, there was a decline in the sales of the PSP and PS Vita which saw sales of 3.3 million units combined (down from 4.1 million last year). The PS3’s sales have declined as well but we didn’t see numbers for those. These loses have been ofset by the increase in revenue from software and network however.

The only thing that can hurt the PS4 at this point is a lack of AAA exclusives lined up for the fall. However, it’s reasonable to assume that the company will show what it plans to offer during this year’s E3. Though the rest of the Sony division also managed to make a profit ($576 million), the gaming segment is by far its biggest earner and Sony is no doubt going to make sure it continues to be a success.

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