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The Oculus Rift Will Be Shipping With an Xbox One Controller

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During Oculus’ pre-E3 event, they announced that the Rift would shipping with Xbox One controllers, as well as the fact that Xbox One games will stream to the device.

As well as showing off the final design for the VR device, the people at Oculus brought up Phil Spencer to announce that they had partnered with Microsoft to make sure that every Rift sold will include an Xbox One controller, along with a wireless adapter to connect it to your PC. Also announced was the ability for Windows 10 users to stream Xbox One games to the headset. While the games themselves won’t be using the Rift as a VR device, you will be playing the games in a “virtual cinema”, so you won’t have to deal with looking at a TV.

The Oculus Rift will work natively on Windows 10, which is the only current way to get the Xbox One wireless function working with the Oculus. It’s kind of odd that Microsoft would announce this partnership when they’re working on Hololens, but one could view it as the company trying to get as many people over to the Windows platform as possible.

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