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10 Different Kinds Of Online Video Games

When it comes to online video games, there is absolutely no denying that there are various types of experiences out there.  These titles succeed in building remote relationships and keeping players engaged each and every day. Additionally, you can also go to for more info.

To get a better understanding of your options, I decided to put together a brief list that will help players figure out which experiences suit them the best. So without further ado, here is my list on 10 different kinds of online video games.


  1. If you like board games, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many out there that are similar to the ones we play in real life. Animated versions of traditional board games like Life and Monopoly are perfect examples that you can play on Xbox One and PS4 consoles right now.


  1. Many games are now solely based on multiplayer. Big development and publishing studios create many of these titles and are committed to keeping gameplay experiences intact. If you come across titles like Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft, then you’re guaranteed to come across millions and millions of players online all over the world. Multiplayer titles offer lot of thrill and adventure for those who are willing to fully invest in them.

Walking Dead 2 Feature

  1. Adventure games can consist of space exploration, war, and story based titles that are rich in animation, dialogue, and point-and-click gameplay mechanics. Telltale Games have succeeded in perfecting this model with their take on The Walking Dead and many other developers are starting to take the same approach on their projects.

casino 3

  1. Casino online games can also be added to this list. These titles are enjoyed and played by people involving real money, and real casinos like the ones shown in William Hill Vegas style casino games. Players can experience what it’s like to play in these casinos live from the comfort of their own home.


  1. Card games are also very popular online. You get to play spades, poker and many different types of card games.


  1. First-person shooters are easily some of the most popular online games on the market right now. These titles test your precision and skills against some of the best players online and locally. Halo 5: Guardians is one of many examples of a solid first-person shooter.


  1. Sports games perfectly simulate how it is to engage in competitive matchups with others using your favorite teams. These titles can be played either online with others or locally against the computer.

street fighter v

  1. Cross-platform games can be played on different consoles and PC. Street Fighter V is one major upcoming title that will make use of this feature by allowing PS4 owners to square off against PC players.


  1. Strategy games allow players to plan out different ways to attack their opponents. out different tactics against opponents. XCOM 2 is easily the most recent example of a title like this.


  1. If you need a combination of action, strategy, and fun, then you definitely should check out simulation online games. These highly addictive titles will keep you busy for hours on end and may even occupy most of your gaming sessions.

This concludes my brief list on 10 different online video games. Are any of you playing any of the titles I listed above? Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.